Aliens doing kyudo

A few people seeing this blog, asked me to translate this little observation of mine, regarding the use of kyudo in the movie Avatar. So here goes..

Upon seeing the first review of the Hollywood blockbuster “Avatar”, a sequence of the human Avatar” being instructed in the use of the bows of the native “Aliens” the Na’vi really caught my attention.

The lessons the human leading act gets is a spitting image of “kyudo instruction” for newcomers. Either some of the animators of the movie have had lessons in kyudo, or the animators were looking for a way of shooting a bow and arrow so unconventional to a westerners, that it might as well take place in an alien planet called Pandora. Enter kyudo..

avatar kydo instruktion

First lesson – yokosen The vertical line between shulders arms and chest, use the bones not the muscles. Also notice that the arrow is resting on the  right side (from the point of view of the shooter) of the bow. The gribbing of the bow is clearly tenouchi A way of gribbing the bow unique to kyudo.


Breathe with the lower part of the abdomen, energy and force comes from this area. tighten that tandem!.

Na'vi in full draw -Kai-

Still not great, and the arrow is a little low, it should be approximately between nose and mouth, but i generally ascribe that to the facts that these mega smurfs have incredible long necks. (something the hassetsu did not prepare for)

Now we can just wait for the hordes of young role-playing people painted blue to join our ranks. 😉

Entire clip can be seen at url below, or a trailer/DVD near you.

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