Welcome to the home page of the Danish kyudofederation, and the Copehagen kyudojo Seishinkan.

The main goal of this page, is to relay information on kyudo in Danish, since there is an abundance of information available in English. (relatively speaking anyway)

All visiting kyudoka are welcomed to our training sessions, no matter what style they train, , but if you take a more permanent residence in Denmark e.g a few months and up, you are required to become a paying member, in order for you to be covered by our insurance.

We are used to english speaking visitors, and students.

The style we train is  Shomen Bushakei

We usually have equipment to lend you, when staring up, but you will be required to buy your own eventually.

Dress code for training

If you have done Budo before( e.g. Iaido, akido)  and own a hakama , by all means wear this for training.

If not, please wear  a white t-shirt, dark jogging pants (pref. black or at least a dark color.)and white socks. Remember to check your socks for holes, as we don’t use shoes.

If you have any questions, please contact us, via the formular.

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