It is with great sorrow, that we have received the news that our mentor, and Shidosha  Liam O’Brien Kyoshi 7th dan, unexpectedly have passed away.

O´Brien sensei was instrumental in helping build up Kyudo in Denmark, and helping us in Denmark to be a accepted part of the European and International Kyudo federation. His knowledge and old school Japanese approach to Kyudo training was unparalleled outside of Japan. And the fact that he translated the All Nippon Kyudo  Federations  Kyudo Manual to English, makes it pretty evident for anyone practicing Kyudo how far reaching his influence has been in making Kyudo accessible outside of Japan.

His death leaves us with a huge void on many levels, that is impossible to fill out in any foreseeable future.

We will try our best to reflect and express the teachings that O’Brien sensei passed on to us.




In the words of Awa Kensô sensei – whom O´Brien sensei was connected to through his training linage

Issha zetsumei


One shot, and expire.

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